Isla Mágica

Лозунг парка: "Diversión sin límites", что переводится как «Нет предела веселью».

Isla Mágica
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Isla Mágica is a theme park in Seville, Spain.

The park was constructed on the former grounds of the Expo '92 World's Fair in Seville and opened in 1997.

It features a large lake and many other attractions including roller coasters and various other types of rides as well as both live and cinematic shows.

The park's slogan is «Diversión sin límites» which translates as «No limit fun».

Main rides

  • El Jaguar — The first inverted rollercoaster in Spain, with five inversions (2x hearth-line roll, 1x immelman and 2x in-line twist), and a final helix; is one of the most popular roller coasters in the park. It's an SLC+ (the second in the world and the first in Europe), a special edition with a helix before the brakes; by Vekoma.
  • Cinemoción — A cinema with moving seats and hemispherical giant screen. This is the largest virtual reality theater in the world.
  • Dimensión4 — Go into the fourth dimension at this 4D cinema, which shows films including «Haunted House», «SOS Earth» and «Fly me to the Moon»; by KraftWerk, 3DBA and Nwave.
  • El Cubo — Another cinema, with laser effects, lights, smoke, sound system and other special effects will take you to another planet, to Mars! The film is designed for the park by GPD, and it's Lasermanía, a film where you can show all the secrets about the planet Mars and extraterrestrial life.
  • Anaconda — A log flume ride, with three drops (8,1, 9,0 and 17,6 meters); by Mack Rides.
  • Iguazú — A splash ride with a drop of 15 meters and more than 50 km/h; by Intamin AG.
  • Rápidos del Orinoco — A River Rapid ride with 500 meters track; by Intamin AG.
  • El Desafío — A Xtended Power Tower themed in Seville, with an Arabic minaret in the station; by Maurer & Shöne.

Магичесий остров

исп. Isla Mágica

транслит. [ˈisla ˈmaxika]

прежн. название. Seville Expo '92

агл. Magic Island